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Make your own Clock Worksheets (Analogue to digital)

We believe that having worksheets that are specifically for your children will keep them engaged and motivated. But, we also know that teachers have very little spare time on their hands, so using this simple form, you can make your own analogue clock worksheets in seconds!

Analogue Clock to Digital Clock

This worksheet maker creates clocks with hands, with a blank box for the pupils to fill the time in underneath. You can choose how many clock faces to have on the worksheet, and also what minutes to use to aid in differentiation. You can also set the hour hands to be realistically placed depending on the minutes (e.g. for a time of 1:30, the hour hand is usually inbetween the 1 and 2, however, to make it easier to read, you may wish to remove this option to keep the hand pointing to 1). If you prefer to print a worksheet of blank clock faces, then please use our other clocking-making worksheet

The following option defines what times the clock will show.

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