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Make your own Word Jumble Worksheets

We believe that having worksheets which are personalised just for your children adds a special touch that your pupils will enjoy. Therefore, our worksheet makers allow you to do just that.

Word Jumble Worksheets

This worksheet maker will take up to ten words (or combination of words) up to a maximum of 15 characters (including spaces and hyphens) and randomly jumble them up. With no set instructions, you could, for example, set the worksheet for homework, as an individual starter, a group starter, or even as a low-ability spelling quiz. Or maybe there's another way you can think of!

We've also taken care so that the jumbled words won't spell out swear words, so 'this', won't become...well, you know!

Worksheet Basics


Enter up to ten words to jumble up for an instant conundrum worksheet. Max length of word is 12 letters, spaces and hyphens can be used.

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