choice of interactive clocks


We realise you can't use our interactive clocks all the time you teach about time and reading clocks, so we've put together a collection of worksheets for those times. Some of these are interactive worksheet makers to help you customise the worksheets specifically to your children.

  1. Analogue clock worksheet maker - Create your own random printable worksheets where we create clocks with hands, and your pupils have to fill in the correct time underneath.
  2. Digital Clock Worksheet Maker! - Make your own teaching printable time worksheets! Choose the style of clock, and the difficulty of given times, 15,10,5 or every minute and random times will be created where pupils have to draw in the hands. Prints blank clock faces as well.
  3. Conundrum Worksheet Maker! - Make your own printable conundrum worksheets! Enter up to ten words, and we'll take those words and make you a worksheet with the words muddled up for your pupils to unjumble. The answers will be supplied to! (Aren't we kind!)